6. 2023

The Office Culture : Redefining workwear and office supplies. ⠀
‘niceworkshop.’ and ‘J EONGL I’ suggest a new office lifestyle with their workwear and office supplies, focusing on our design that can revolutionize the workplace and improve the work experience. 
We design with industrial aesthetics that inspired from metal tools and materials used in industrial factories and machines. ⠀
‘niceworkshop.’ produced pen, file box, and furniture using the physical and combination structure properties of featuring exposed stainless steel, full threaded bolts, and nuts. By manufacturing our own hardware parts for each product, it is designed so that the user can directly disassemble and assemble if necessary. ⠀
‘J EONGL I’ designed work jacket and pant with intention of hidden pockets to carry various tools. A hard shell and 2-layer silver fabric were used to suit the purpose, and the seams were sealed with a sealing finish in consideration of waterproofing.