9. 2023

With 2023 marking its 125th anniversary, the German Maison is set to celebrate with an exhibition looking back on the cultural and technological forces that influenced its generational commitment to crafting distinctive tools for discerning travelers. Titled "SEIT 1898" and scheduled to begin in June 2023, it will make stops in Tokyo, New York, and Shanghai. 
This retrospective comes at a fitting time to reflect on what it means to move. After an unprecedented pause in global travel, destinations have finally returned to our calendars. As we set our sights on what lies ahead, "SEIT 1898" considers the many departures of the past that still define the present. Telling this story in a careful selection from RIMOWA’s extensive archive — experimental artistic partnerships, rarely-seen privately owned cases, collaborations with iconic brands, special purpose pieces, and items that mark milestone advancements. 
RIMOWA is unveiling "SEIT 1898" and guides visitors through the evolution of travel since the Maison’s founding. Featuring over 100 archive cases, the exhibition looks back on the cultural and technological forces that shaped the resilient tools of transport we trust today.