12. 2023

The ‘Neo-Naturalism’ is a furniture series that applies a new expression of naturalism in the context of modern technology and traditional craft techniques. The series is not related to ideological or philosophical principles, but rather emphasizes “organic” or “natural” elements within the environment of design or art. The grain of a wooden log was processed in a rectangular parallel format through the course of work’s expression, and the names of each piece (511, 378, 392) were named based on the time required for handcraft work. The texture is engraved onto stainless steel according to the tattoo design (@_dr_woo_) using a laser to create an initial sketch. The patterned profile is then completed by the process of engraving using handcraft techniques (@niceworkshop_) and carving tools. ⠀
The Collaboration is further emphasized through the partnership with, a digital marketplace platform that hosts a curated blend of fashion, design and art.

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