Aluminum formwork (“AL – FORM”) is used to create various types of concrete structures for architectural framing. Inspired by the cycle process of ‘Production – Rental – Repair – Dissolution – Reproduction’, niceworkshop designed FORMAT’s aluminum formwork as part of its new furniture series. ‘AL – FORM’ used at construction sites are often reused after removing surface concrete debris through ‘Shot blasting’ and ‘Flattening’ process. A concrete texture is formed on the surface of the reused ‘AL – FORM’ due to pouring and curing, traces of the concrete become darker with repeated work. Through this collaborative effort, we introduce the 'Aged Form Line', which captures the enduring texture of concrete on the surface even after the repair process, and the 'New Form Line', which employs new materials reproduced through a recycling process. The work consists of four types of furniture: Lounge chair, Dining chair, Table and a Bench.



The ‘Neo-Naturalism’ is a furniture series that applies a new expression of naturalism in the context of modern technology and traditional craft techniques. The series is not related to ideological or philosophical principles, but rather emphasizes “organic” or “natural” elements within the environment of design or art. The grain of a wooden log was processed in a rectangular parallel format through the course of work’s expression.



Affordance refers to inducing human behavior and psychology. There is something that the intrinsic and external properties of a specific object convey to people. The user triggers a number of actions through this something. In other words, it means the possibility of linkage of uses, actions, and functions that occur according to a specific relationship between furnitures and users. For example, there is a ball in front of you. We can throw the ball, we can kick it, we can roll it. All these actions are ultimately what 'balls' cause us to act. Affordance Series borrows the form of 'rollers' and industrial 'lifts' of a conveyor belt where clear movements are repeated as 'A device for using furniture'. These cues allow the user to take a natural action Through the Affordance Series, I hope you will think about the 'interaction between furniture and people' that was unconsciously induced in our daily life.



Bolt series started with the intention of transforming the full threaded bolt, an industrial material, into a kind of sculpture through our interpretation. Our work has evolved from simply combining bolts and nuts, and has become a process of creating a balanced structure and aesthetics of objects using full threaded bolts, an industrial material. Since starting the bolt series, we have tried various ways to enhance the quality of crafts with full threaded bolts used as industrial materials. After a series of trials, the latest series was born, which is a sturdy furniture or object made only of threaded bolts and nuts. In our recent work, we are making additional attempts to deliver higher usability and aesthetic value.